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Fire doors explained

Fire is always a threat, so premises must be protected. Fire protection is like an insurance policy; the costs are irretrievable, and the benefits are only felt if you suffer from a fire.

Fire doors are critical to the fire strategy of the building. They provide life saving protection to the users of the building, allowing them to escape from the fire in an emergency. 

Fire doors ensure rooms, corridors or stairwells are compartmented to help keep fire, and possibly smoke in the area that it started in. This gives time for the building to be evacuated safely. 

It is very important to carry out regular inspections on all of your fire doors within the premises. Any damage to the doors, or breakdown of components since the last inspection can lead to the door failing to perform to its original specification, dramatically reducing its performance.

A fire door should be fitted by trained and competent installers. A poorly fitted fire door is basically just another door.

Building owners are legally obligated to adhere to the requirement outlined in the Regulatory Reform ( fire safety) order 2005, which covers the buildings fire safety provisions. Regular inspections of fire doors are required to keep the the standard of the fire safety in buildings, as stated in BS8214 (c.13) and BS 9999( Annex L) 

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